dewar bottle

Our cryogenic cylinder(Dewar bottle)is a superinsulation multi-layer movable cryogenic liquidcontainer, which is to stor, transport and use liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquefiednatural gas, liquid carbon dioxide and other cryogenic industry gas. lt consists of stainless steel innerand outer vessels, support system, superinsulation multi-layer, built-in vaporizer, valve piping andsafety system.

Our product has the characteristics of high loading rate, repeatable filling easy to use, safetyreliability by adopting the advanced technology. All manufacturing process is carried out the strict QA& OC system. Our cylinders/bottles are a full stainless steel container, clean and hygienic, no fillingpollution, no contamination of water, air, rust, gaseous acid &alkali, fluorine plastic in bottled gas, etc.which greatly improves the purity of gas used. lt no needs frequent handling and can save a lot ofhuman cost and material resources comparing with steel gas cylinderlt also has the characteristics ofong service life, compact structure, small area, centralized control, safety and reliability, easy operation and maintenance, which can be widely used in various fields, such as machinery, shipbuildingmedical and chemical industry, electronics, biology, food, material, energy and scientific research.


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