Development of cryogenic storage tanks

Development of cryogenic storage tanks

As an important container for storing liquefied natural gas, the rigor of the structural design of LNG cryogenic storage tank is very important. These close mechanisms are not successful in one step, but developed through continuous exploration and improvement. What about the discovery of cryogenic tanks?

LNG is stored in cryogenic storage tanks. Early storage tanks were single wall type. The top cover and bottom of single wall storage tank adopt block insulation, but there are many disadvantages, such as no damp proof layer, vulnerable to wind disaster, etc. In order to eliminate these shortcomings, a double wall double roof storage tank was proposed later. It is to fill the annular insulating space between the two walls with dry pure gas and maintain positive pressure to prevent the inhalation of moist air. However, with the increase of storage tank capacity, the cost of supplying dry pure gas increases significantly. In addition, since liquefied gas is stored close to its normal boiling point, it is easy to generate steam and cause overpressure in the tank. This led to the development of suspended roof technology, and finally formed a double wall single roof storage tank. This kind of storage tank cancels the pure gas system and replaces the top cover of the inner container with the suspended insulated ceiling to form an independent roof space. The double wall single top open storage tank makes the top of the inner container open so that LNG steam can enter the annular space. This not only prevents the entry of moist air, but also depressurizes the inner container. Another form of double wall single roof low-temperature storage tank is to use the outer wall with air tightness to prevent the entry of moist air, and use the roof space to contain LNG steam for decompression, which can also reduce the self weight burden of the tank top.

The above is an introduction to the development process of low-temperature storage tanks. As an enterprise manufacturing pressure vessels, Hebei Dongzhao Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a unique understanding of these aspects. If you want to know more, you can follow our official website for the latest information.

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