Manufacturing process of Dewar inner cylinder

Inner cylinder

---Head (external customization) inspection ---Head joint assembly welding (manual ya arc welding station) ---Sent to the position where it is assembled with the cylinder body (material trolley)

---Inspection of cut-to-length board (external processing or self-processing) ---Rolling (3-axis plate rolling machine, with small curling straight section) ---Conveying to the longitudinal seam welding station (material trolley) --- -Automatic longitudinal seam welding (TIG, MIG or plasma welding process, determined according to cylinder body specifications and wall thickness)---transported to the station for welding with the head (material trolley)---automatic circular seam welding (locking coil side plugging, MIG welding)----convey the completed welding cylinder (roller table platform) from the opposite side of the operator---cleaning and pressing inspection---place it on the turning trolley---wrap the heat insulation layer(* **Insulation layer winding tool)----Assembled with the outer cylinder (vertically assembled with the outer cylinder at the hoisting station of the winding machine)

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