Principle and service life of Dewar bottle

1. Dewar bottle principle

Dewar is a vacuum-insulated stainless steel pressure vessel designed for the storage, transportation and use of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon or carbon dioxide. It is used for reliable and economical transportation and storage of low-temperature liquid gases, as well as in a wide range of applications. On-site storage and supply of liquid gases within range.

2. How long is the service life of a Dewar flask?

   The service life of the Dewar is 5-10 years. If any damage or abnormality occurs during use, it should be inspected in time. - Under normal circumstances, the Dewar needs to be inspected every 3 years. Vehicle Dewar Bottles need to be inspected every 2 years, and if they are used for more than 10 years, they need to be inspected once a year.

What are the parts of the three Dewar flask?

   1. Outer barrel: protects the inner barrel.

   2. Inner cylinder: stores cryogenic liquid.

   3. Vaporizer: Convert the liquid gas in the bottle into gaseous state.

   4. The liquid valve fills or discharges liquid.

   5. Safety valve: automatic pressure relief.

   6. Discharge valve: Discharge the gas in the bottle to reduce the pressure in the bottle.

   7. Excitation meter: indicates the pressure inside the bottle.

   8. Booster valve: allows the low-temperature liquid in the drive bottle to flow.

   9. Use valve: control the flow rate of gas.

   10. Liquid level gauge: Indicates the level of liquid level in the container.

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