Special Dewar bottle for fish cart

The fish bottle is a Dewar bottle, which is a gas cylinder that continuously provides oxygen to the fish in order to ensure the freshness of the fish in the process of transporting live fish. At present, the Dewar bottles of 175/195/210-1.37 are widely used in the market. Due to the long and short transportation distances of customers, more distant customers also choose 499-1.59.

At present, the Dewar bottles of various manufacturers cannot be used as fish bottles in principle, because the Dewar bottles are also fixed pressure vessels, not mobile pressure vessels. But there is no express regulation, so Dewar bottles are still being used as oxygen cylinders for fish carts on the market.

According to the characteristics of the fish cart, 175-1.37 and 499-1.59 Dewar bottles are specially remade as fish bottles, and the connection between the inner tank and the outer tank of the gas cylinder is strengthened to prevent the vibration of the gas cylinder from affecting the maintenance of the vacuum degree of the gas cylinder.

When the user chooses, generally choose the lowest pressure among Runfeng products. The parameters and dimensions are shown in the table below:

Among them, the maximum air output per hour of 175/195/210-1.37 is about 9 square meters. (Oxygen) 499-1.59 The maximum gas output per hour is about 12 square meters. (Oxygen), the Dewar bottle produced by Runfeng, the 175/195/210-1.37 bottle has its own gasification and booster coil, and the 499-1.59 bottle has 6 spiral finned tubes on the outside by default. According to the requirements of fish bottle customers, it is increased to 12 spiral finned tubes to ensure sufficient oxygen gasification. The gas port of the Dewar bottle can be directly connected with the oxygen meter, which is convenient to use. And the gas cylinder comes with a liquid filling hose, which is equipped with a standard CGA540 connector, which is convenient for customers to fill liquid at the oxygen filling station.

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